Public Relations: Survival
09 December 2018
by Salah El Din Aloui
Public relations is about survival. For me, Public Relations is life and is the essence of all I do. When I talk about Public Relations I don't talk about a profession, I talk about a passion. A passion that I believe is a necessity to be able to not only promote one's self and business but also internally to look at areas of growth and development.

No matter the setting I'm in, you will always find me discussing the latest in public relations and the latest insights in all industries, and I'm ever questioned about what does an awareness, and an insider view of different sectors have to do with Public Relations? My answer; survival may be of the fittest, but in our world of Public Relations, it is of the informed.

Public Relations is not a press release or an event that is cooked up in the back kitchen.

It is about understanding behaviors and creating an identity and a message that is enhanced through positioning and relationships. It's about having a constant dialogue with partners and the society as a whole. It's about raising awareness and education.

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